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  • 10 vibes for Osmaniye

    like locals

    Kastabala Hierapolis Ancient Site; Kastabala, called Hierapolis in the ancient period, is a very important ancient city in Çukurova Region. The city is worth seeing with its ancient theatre, castle, baths and colonaded avenues. The city was a very important religious centre in Roman and Byzantine periods

    Karatepe-Aslantaş Open-Air Museum; Located in the 4341-hectare national park bearing the same name, Karatepe-Aslantaş Archaeological Site is a perfect example of successful archaeological conservation and welcomes visitors as the first and the biggest open-air museum of Türkiye. World-renowned Karatepe Castle is a unique example of defensive architecture as a frontier castle. Basalt steles and reliefs on its doors have inscriptions written both in Phoenician alphabet and Luwian hieroglyphics –being the longest bilingual text in this language pair.

    Ala Mosque; Located at the town centre of Kadirli district and called also Çukurova’s Agia Sophia, Ala Mosque is the most important edifice of Osmaniye, making Roman, Byzantine and Turkish-Islamic civilisations live together.

    Toprakkale Castle; Toprakkale Castle dates back to 2000 BCE. The castle has a rectangular plan, 12 bastions and outer court fortification, and it was restructured under Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid (8th century) using black stones

    Harun Reşit Castle; The castle was built in 799 by Faraç Bey, the frontiersman of Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid, in order to protect the region and the surrounding strategic routes and ensure connection and support with other castles. With a view overlooking Düziçi Meadows, and genuine architectural features, today Harun Reşit Castle remains loyal to its original plan.

    Osmaniye City Museum; The museum exhibits artefacts providing the chance to explore social, commercial, political, historical, artistic and agricultural life in Osmaniye.

    Zorkun Plateau; Plateaus are among the assets that play a major role in Osmaniye’s history, and they inhold components of rural life and nature. In addition, plateaus are also home to the âşık (popular Turkish bards) tradition.

    Karaçay Şelalesi; Karaçay River goes down steep slopes and forms the 25-metre high Karaçay Waterfall which offers an amazing view for nature lovers. The waterfall’s environment is home to many endemic plants from Çukurova region.

    Haruniye Thermal Spring; Located on a land full of trees along Ceyhan River, Haruniye thermal spring, offers a breath-taking view, healing waters and a perfect opportunity to relax and recover.

    Osmaniye City Centre; Known as “the city of castles”, Osmaniye is a beautiful and pleasant Mediterranean city, has a texture that connects the east and West of the country. The city centre offers the chance to explore the Mediterranean way of life, regional culinary delicacies and handicrafts.