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    Kırmıtlı Bird Sanctuary

    15 kilometres away from Osmaniye city centre, Kırmıtlı Bird Sanctuary (Kırmıtlı Kuş Cenneti) is located along Ceyhan River (Ceyhan Nehri) and provides a wonderful cove for birds with its ponds, trees and reeds. A perfect spot to admire more than 250 bird species, smell nature’s beauties and enjoy the fresh air.

    Karaçay Waterfall

    Karaçay River (Karaçay Deresi) goes down steep slopes and forms the 25-metre high Karaçay Waterfall (Karaçay Şelalesi) which offers an amazing view for nature lovers. The waterfall is not accessible by car, but by a footpath. The waterfall’s environment is home to many endemic plants from Çukurova region. Karaçay Waterfall, is also an all-time favourite for picnic and trekking enthusiasts.