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    Etli Sac Kömbe (meat pastry)

    Etli sac kömbe (meat kömbe) is a pastry with meat dish cooked in ash, between two iron plates. Especially a feast favourite, it is served with ayran (yoghurt drink).

    Bayram Kömbesi (sweet pastry)

    Known as “Bayram Kömbesi” because it is especially cooked and offered on Ramazan feast. However, it is possible to find it in local patisseries. Made with flour, yeast, sugar and kömbe spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, nigella, etc.), it is decorated with sesame and cooked in oven.

    Osmaniye Simit

    Shaped as thick rolls, its dough consists of flour, salt and sodium bicarbonate. The roll is dipped in roasted sesame, sugar and water with molasses. Simit is served with şalgam, pickled turnip and red carrot juice.

    Tirşik Soup

    Wild edible herbs are a very popular in Anatolia. Tırşik Soup is made of tırşik -wild beet- that grows in nature from November to April and traditionally cooked in copper pots, on wood fire.

    Toğga Soup

    Toğga soup is one of the oldest soups of Turkish cuisine and an indispensable Osmaniye specialty. The soup’s base consists of yoghurt, cracked wheat and mint. 

    Kadirli Sucuk

    Kadirli’s sucuk (soudjouk, dried sausages) is made without casing and its stuffing is like meatballs. The tallow and the meat are minced, and mixed with garlic, black pepper, red pepper, chili flakes, fenugreek, cumin and seven spices mix. The sucuk is served in bread and goes well with ayran (yoğurt drink) or şalgam (pickled turnip juice).

    Stuffed Ribs

    The leading role of special days, ceremonies, weddings and feasts belongs to stuffed ribs. The mutton or lamb meat is stuffed with onions and spices and cooked at medium heat in a copper pot. Normally, stuffed ribs are served with bulgur, while a special occasion would call rice pilaf on the side.