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    Traditional Handicrafts

    With many ateliers and workshops, Osmaniye, is a centre for traditional handcrafts. World-famous Karatepe rugs, spoons, juniper beads, pine cups, cutlery, ceramics, beadwork and point lace are amongst the main handicrafts.  

    Osmaniye Peanuts

    Osmaniye peanuts have been registered as geographical indication as of 2003. By virtue of their high level of fat, Osmaniye peanuts are used for vegetable oil, mayonnaise, margarine production, as well as sauces, cakes, biscuits and confectionary. Peanuts are also consumed as peanut butter. In addition to this, peanut powder is used in making glue and extinguishing fire.  

    Kadirli Radish

    The radish production in Kadirli District meets 80% of the country’s needs. The red radish of Kadirli is registered as a geographical indication.